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The all-season and all-climate fencing solution that DOES NOT NEED grounding!

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FENCE PERIMETER (including all crossing)
in ft :
Number of ROWS of TAPE:  

Counting All the Posts.    
  Max. distance between posts 16ft

If you choose less, please modify here:

Calculated posts:
For this tape lentgh your have or do you want:(HorseGuard is only selling fiberglass stakes, no wooden posts, no t-posts):
Fiber stakes to setup : how many ?

and/or you've got :
Wood Posts to setup : how many ?
T-Posts to setup : how many ?

  How many bi-polar tape gates do you want to setup:
  What is the width of this (these) tape gate(s) (total): m
  Other existing Gates you have or will set up:

(for calculation of tensioners on tension posts)
  How many Corners (with Wood post):

How many Corners : (with Metal post)

How many Ends (with Wood post):
(= where the fence begins or ends, if not a closed one, and not a Gate)

How many Ends (with Metal post) :
(= where the fence begins or ends, if not a closed one, and not a Gate)

Crossing between pastures or paddocks
(to count how many T junctions )
If any... How many crossing sections:

Place of your Fence Charger.
  Distance from Charger to Fence ? ft

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